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This tag should be used for questions related to the choice of content for your work, for example questions about the process of choosing which topics you want to write about in your blog articles, how to structure your blog or on which topic you should concentrate your version announcements for users of your software.

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Blog writing for SEO

Is it appropriate to use the same content (or with slight changes) for article submission on websites like a medium for SEO purposes?
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I need someone to critique and advise on my story...Will it be worth reading?

I've begun 'putting my life down on paper'. My husband and adult children know very little about my 'real' childhood. I've sheltered them from the worst of it, for fear it would change their view of ...
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What are the Best Practices for Developing Content for a Product-Promotion Website? [closed]

For products that are already listed in marketplace, what would be the best practice in sourcing content for a blog-style website that reviews, compares, and promotes such listed products with a view ...
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Tips to writing essays on ethics/philosophy

I have to write an essay in about 1200 words. The general theme is related to ethics, character, attitude, philosophy etc. Following are some topics from previous year exams. Customary morality ...
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Short Story versus Novel format [closed]

I have just completed a draft erotic short story I have never professionally published fiction before but I believe this story "sizzles". This story is around 4000 words. I have rough ...
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Using trademarked content in a professional blog [duplicate]

I tried to find similar question, but it seems it haven't been asked, the closest I found was this but it is more specific about screenshots, and I need a general advice. If I write blog about my ...
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How to balance a blog post that is neither too detailed nor too surface level?

While writing blog post mostly on technical articles, I often come to dilema that does my post is too detailed for reader eventually they will skip further reading due to complexity or is it too ...
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How does web page writing differ from blog and article writing?

Yesterday I was talking with a client and he asked me to write web page content. I told him that I can write blogs and articles. He suggesed that I should learn web page writing, but I searched on ...
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Is there a difference between slogans and brand statements?

I once came across a set of brand guidelines and, in the tone of voice section, there was a list of 'brand statements'. Multiple brand statements as examples of what the company could pick and choose ...
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