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Use this tag for questions about consistency in writing. This is a broad term, but apply it to questions that are asking for help with consistency in technical terms such as grammar, formatting, editing, etc. Or, you can use this tag for consistency in characters, plot, and other general writing questions.

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When using false leads when foreshadowing something, how do you maintain narrative coherence?

When using false leads when foreshadowing something, how do you maintain narrative coherence? I want to make people believe that the lead character is the killer by giving false leads when ...
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Is the occasional practical exposition jarring?

I always try to keep exposition to a minimum; whenever there is any backstory or worldbuilding, I let it come out via dialogue. The narration is impersonal; I don't want it to feel like someone's ...
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How do you get better at building words?

I started to post my unpublished work on an online forum. Where you post your work slowly in an unspecified time. I posted my prologue and a chapter 1. It seems that some people liked it and actually ...
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Killing off main characters in an ensemble cast

I'm trying to plan a very long-form meta-story with multiple shifts in tone and scope, the first part of which consists of a very small-scale character story with an ensemble cast of 4 main characters....
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In story writing, can I switch between stating the character's thought in italics to indirectly narrating them?

For example, if I am stating my character's thoughts in this way: That was scary! He thought. Can I switch to saying something like the below further on in my story? He thought it was scary. Or should ...
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Consistency of text divider symbols

In one chapter I have written of my fiction book, I used the ✻ symbol to divide text. Because, in the chapter, I have to differentiate past vs present (in the specific chapter it switches from ...
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Thesis writing: consistency of symbols

I'm writing a thesis about Basel Accords. In a section, I use the letter w to indicate the weights of the assets used to calculate the capital requirement. In another section, can I use again the ...
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