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This tag should be used for questions that are related to writing communities, such as questions about finding communities on the internet to share your writing with or questions about building up your community of readers.

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Which English writer community website to give the free feedback on a writing content?

I'm interested in becoming an associate ghostwriter/semi-writer as part of freelance work. So, I want to find a group of English writers (online community) to review a writing content and give me the ...
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What are some good (free) writing communities?

I'm new to writing, I just finished the first draft of the first novel I've written (yay!) and I'm looking for writing groups or communities that I can benefit from. Is there a community that helps ...
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Starting a literary magazine [closed]

Because of the corona outbreak, I'm stuck at home (as I'm sure lots of you are) and I decided to start a nonprofit online literary magazine dedicated to providing a platform for marginalized voices. ...
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What are good places (online) where a community of writers can get together and share their knowledge about writing?

It would be nice to be a member of an online community of people who are knowledgeable about writing, willing to directly help eachother in a format such as Q&A (like here on SE), but also engage ...
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Seeking advice on editing process through integration into online poetry writing communities

(Heavily edited in a sincere attempt to reduce subjectivity / instigation of unwieldy discussion or chattiness:) As a novice writer of poetry, who lives with folks who smile and nod with the sound of ...
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First person plural for charisma?

I've been writing a friendly tutorial series for a small art software community. Somehow I decided to write it in first person plural, so the entire tutorial is "First, let's do this..." and "Now we ...
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How to increase my readers base for my blog?

I recently started writing a blog. It's about many things: travel, food, my perspectives, photography, comics, movies and whatever thing I feel about writing. I'm using a WordPress blog. Since I'm ...
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Books versus YouTube videos

I was wondering, and hope this question is not too broad, but these days, what are the advantages of writing a book versus making a series of YouTube videos? Do people read any more, or do they just ...
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IRC for Creative Writers

Are there any 'active' irc channels designed for writers? I say active, because I've found a couple channels, bit they were all empty.
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AllPoetry management [closed]

Who owns All Poetry, and do they make a profit from it? I like the community basis, but I'm leery of giving rights to my IP to a website if I don't know much about how it's used.
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Is there an online critique community for stories written in german?

I am writing fiction in german. I am looking for a place to share my work, where I can get constructive criticism. The site should provide some mechanism that encouraged constructive feedback and ...
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Story-Telling on the Internet [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Internet communities where I can read/rate/review short fiction, and post my own? I am a user of Cowbird already, and I love it, but I want to branch out, and go to other ...
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What existing platforms use crowdsourcing to develop creative writing and editing?

What existing platforms use crowdsourcing to develop creative writing and editing? What are the barriers in developing an active community? Why would this not work? Has it been tried? Was it ...
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What's a good writer community that mostly discusses self-publishing?

I'm apart of a lot of strong and well read writer communities that mostly discuss traditional means of publishing. However, I want to broaden my knowledge on the nature of self-publishing. Are there ...
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Are there any places to have community story development?

Are there any places or ways a group (general public or individually invited) of people can individually contribute to a communally developed story? For example, a website or collaboration tool (...
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