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Questions that involve people in a work of fiction, including character development, motivations, design, points of view, and representation.

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Tough female character softening

I'm writing a tough, capable young female character who is savvy and can survive well in an unfamiliar society. However, she has no patience for stupidity and is quick to shoot barbed remarks. I want ...
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Is it possible to make characters who are neurotic, who have low agreableness, low conscientiousness, low extraversion likeable?

Is it possible to make characters who are neurotic, who have low agreeableness, low conscientiousness, low extraversion likeable? I thought the only way to do this is to find something that the reader ...
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What's the best way to visually sort data about characters?

I have a couple of characters that I want to group together on multiple pages. Each could be about different information. Another example would be, with 1 page for each period of time. Year 1: Alive:...
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Dramatic Irony but when one character knows more than another character

Dramatic irony is when the audience knows more than the character. But what is it called when character 2 knows more than character 1? and doesn't reveal that information (to the audience either) ...
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How do I write a fight scene between two characters when one is strong but slow and the other is strong, tough, and fast?

I am writing a fight scene between two monsters. One is heavily armored but comparatively slower, whereas the other is a Lightning Bruiser: fast, tough, and powerful but compared to the first ...
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Using the stages of grief to fall in love

I would love to utilize the stages of grief in a way to show the progression of a character's resistance to fall in love. I have some ideas for each. What are some other ideas? I have a vigilante ...
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Is it copyright infringement if my character is pretty similar to another character?

I want to create a manga. The problem is that my characters are pretty similar to oshi no ko characters. For example, the main character has the star eyes like ai eyes, and her eyes are purple. ...
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What kind of character is Mister Blonde from Reservoir Dogs?

I've been thinking about the movie a lot, and I'm wondering what category Mister Blonde would fall into. All of the characters are anti-heroes, because they're all criminals. The other heisters, ...
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Properly writing characters with Dissociative Identity Disorder

In my story for a game, one of the main antagonists has Dissocistive Identity Disorder. His alters are already written, but I am asking for some advice on how to properly portrayed a character with ...
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What character type is a slandered hero?

I am painting the hero of my major conflict with undeserved slander for most of the novel, then exposing the source of the slander. In effect, the reader experiences the villain becoming the hero. I ...
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Should I give a character POV scenes just to establish that they are cheating on a main character?

I have a character that is a love interest that cheats on one of the main characters (3rd-person POV). Should I write his POV for the cheating scenes to show the reader what is happening? It is the ...
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Deciding potential scenes and keeping the tension in my short story

To give some background, my short story is written from the perspective of person K. His school friend A (they are both in their mid-twenties now) invites him to stay in Vegas for a short time, and K ...
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How To Write a Heel Realization

Can someone teach me how to write both a heel realization and mental breakdown at the same time? I’m trying to write a highly emotional and heartbreaking scene where the central antagonist both ...
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