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Anything pertaining to developing the details associated with characters in your writing.

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Is it possible to make characters who are neurotic, who have low agreableness, low conscientiousness, low extraversion likeable?

Is it possible to make characters who are neurotic, who have low agreeableness, low conscientiousness, low extraversion likeable? I thought the only way to do this is to find something that the reader ...
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How do I show character development in a subtle and natural way?

I'm writing a 4-6 book series, with a female in her late 20s as the protagonist. It's in first person, and I'm struggling to think of how to show her development without having to spell it out and it ...
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Dramatic Irony but when one character knows more than another character

Dramatic irony is when the audience knows more than the character. But what is it called when character 2 knows more than character 1? and doesn't reveal that information (to the audience either) ...
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How to describe a character dealing with a betrayal from one of their closest friends?

The character who gets betrayed is my main character, who is practically left to die by her closest childhood friend. My MC is the type of character to wholeheartedly believes and trusts in her ...
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Properly writing characters with Dissociative Identity Disorder

In my story for a game, one of the main antagonists has Dissocistive Identity Disorder. His alters are already written, but I am asking for some advice on how to properly portrayed a character with ...
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Can supporting characters remain effective during long periods off screen?

My protagonist develops relationships early and gets kidnapped In my literary fiction story spanning about a decade, new relationships develop, they join with the street gang. Old relationships fade. ...
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How To Write a Heel Realization

Can someone teach me how to write both a heel realization and mental breakdown at the same time? I’m trying to write a highly emotional and heartbreaking scene where the central antagonist both ...
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How to describe types of hum a character uses to convey their thoughts and opinions

I have a character who struggles to put his thoughts, feelings and opinions into words - he finds words somewhat too contained and specifically defined to adequately convey what he wants to say. He ...
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