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Questions about characters acknowledging they are fictional, usually by addressing the audience, or interacting with the author.

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Fourth wall break - character talks to author, not audience

I was wondering how I might go about writing a character in a story that breaks the fourth wall and talks to the writer? There are many examples where the character talks to the audience to give his/...
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How do I avoid using "the" in a story?

No matter what I do, I can't find a way around "the" when it comes to writing stories or making a story that feels like it's repeating. Here's an example of what I've gotten so far with a ...
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Book/Novel About aliens fearing humans - perspective delivery

I read a very interesting novel or book about aliens accidentally discovering humans and finding out how dangerous they are, where the galaxy got scared of humans and their potential to wipe out all ...
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Is it ok to temporarily break immersion in a tutorial for a game?

At the start of a game, you sometimes have some character explaining things to you, the player, instead of the character, telling them to press A to do this and that. Paper Mario I think even makes a ...
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Breaking the Fourth Wall in Creative Non-Fiction

I went to see Deadpool 2 at the weekend and it got me thinking about fourth wall awareness in my own writing, specifically in creative non-fiction that's based on my own life. According to the first ...
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