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Questions about blogs and blogging.

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How should endorsements be used?

I have a long and analytic article. By its nature, it's hard to get clicks, and even raise skepticism. Luckily, I have an endorsement from a person who is regarded as expert in the field, and I am ...
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How can I make my blog more popular?

I write an action movie review blog where a review is published every Monday. How do I publicize my blog to bring more readers my way?
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Can I reuse content across sites like Medium for SEO purposes?

Is it appropriate to use the same content (or with slight changes) for article submission on websites like Medium for SEO purposes?
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Is it ok to use First Name Initial and Full Last Name to refer to someone in a blog article?

Would it be acceptable or correct to refer to someone (e.g. John Smith) as J. Smith in a blog post that belongs to a company? For example, 'J. Smith provided us his view, which was that 'Xxxxxxxxxx'.'...
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