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For questions regarding a biography of one's self.

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What determines the value or worthiness of an autobiography?

To make an otherwise long winded story short, I have an uncommon tale of survivorship. Context: From child runaway, to kidnapping victim, to an escape ten years, ten months, and 23 days later. For the ...
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How to organize memoirs for a biography?

I'm about to start organizing someone's life story to eventually send to a biographer to write a book and would like some suggestions on how to start and organize the process, please. As they are ...
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Will people buy a book about my life when it involves years of abuse? [closed]

I have been writing about my life of pain and suffering for a while and now I am taking it to the next level. On the outside, we were like the perfect family, but the reality was far from normal. My ...
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What should I index in my grandfathers autobiography?

Several years ago (before his death) my grandfather was writing his memoirs. I am now attempting to compile the multiple document he wrote in to one quasi-autobiography. I understand that most ...
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Illegal activities in autobiography [closed]

So I want to write a self-help book on how I became Rich from being poor I want to write about my struggles from when I was poor which is including stealing for groceries and other things that I ...
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How should I write an autobiography if some elements are illegal? [closed]

Lets say that I wanted to write an autobiography but some elements of my life (particularly relevant to certain choice) are illegal and I could still be prosecuted for them if my involvement became ...
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Inhibitions when writing personal experiences

I write for myself and have no intention of publishing anything. However, I still become uncomfortable writing about events in my life because I think about how people who are involved or who know me ...
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Should I call my book a memoir if it also has some autobiographical elements?

I asked a similar question on here and am updating a manuscript I initially wrote for a friend six years ago. I learnt that an autobiography is more like a journal which details accounts in ...
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Tips on writing author bio

As a writer who occasionally gets published in journals and anthologies, I get asked for an "author's bio," usually with a limit of 50 or 100 words. I have a few things that I include but always feel ...
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How to maintain sentence variety when writing a self description?

When I write to a "describe yourself" type prompt, I find myself wildly overusing "I am ..." type sentences. What are good ways to vary prose in this situation? (Preferably with examples)
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What should I call a short book about my life? [duplicate]

I want to write a very short book of 100 pages. I want to put into it what I've suffered throughout my life: Hardships, failures, disappointments.... as an inspiration that, despite hardships, I ...
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Mentioning famous person in autobiography

I've been writing an autobiography about sexual abuse that happened to me throughout my childhood. The abuser was the dad of a famous singer. Once I was old enough (18) to leave home and file charges (...
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Breaking the Fourth Wall in Creative Non-Fiction

I went to see Deadpool 2 at the weekend and it got me thinking about fourth wall awareness in my own writing, specifically in creative non-fiction that's based on my own life. According to the first ...
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Autobiography and lawsuits [closed]

If I write an autobiography and include living family members who have done some very strange things, am I at the risk of being sued?
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What Genre Category for a Semi-Fictional Memoir?

What genre do these types of Memoirs fall under? "Inspired by true events?" ... Is Semi-Fictional Memoir a "thing"? I definitely don't feel that "fictional autobiography" fits. I have been ...
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