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A recorded version of a written piece.

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What is the minimum age for publishing an audiobook on ACX?

I am looking to publish an audiobook on ACX, and I am 13 years old. Is there any age restriction on publishing an audiobook on ACX? For example, during registration, it asks me if I hold a US tax ID ...
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Making money with narrating audiobooks from Germany

I would like to try my hand at narrating audiobooks. I have some experience doing so at so I thought I'd give ACX (that's a platform where writers can find narrators for their audiobooks, ...
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Can I publish my book in the Russian language with advertising and selling online?

I'm based in the USA. I wrote a book in the Russian language. My book had already been published in Russia - 500 paper copies. Now I would like to republish my book in a digital format and as an ...
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Should authors write books anticipating audiobook narrations?

With the surge of audiobooks popularity and the dramatization of fiction and non-fiction recitations, do authors plan for their books to publish their work as audiobooks too? Additionally, if an ...
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What are the stages between publishing a book on KDP and producing an audiobook?

I have known gaps - voiceover artist, studio time, editing, distribution, but what are the unknown unknowns that I need to consider? Having read previous threads, there are some very wise answers, ...
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What is the best book marketing strategy for an audiobook?

I'm narrator of a new audiobook. What is the best book marketing strategy for an audiobook? I wrote a book marketing article published by an ezine articles, but I wonder if this type of book marketing ...
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Is there an equivalent of ACX for people outside the US and the UK?

I was intending to create an audiobook version of my book by recording my own narration, and then upload and distribute it via Amazon's ACX service, which in turn makes the audiobook available on ...
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3 answers

Why are audio books more expensive than a movie ticket? [closed]

Think of all the millions of dollars actors are paid, and all the thousands of people who scroll by in the credits. Surely the cost of a printed book can't be translated to an audio book. The concept ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to create an audio-book for very old text/book?

There are a few books that are at least 100 years old and without an audio book format. Is it legally possible to do the voice for it and sell it on audible?
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Why is distributing an audiobook so much more complicated than POD or eBooks?

I have signed up for Amazon's Kindle service for making an eBook, and for Amazon's Createspace for making a print on demand book. With both those services, what country I am in or from were not issues,...
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Where to find a the best narrators and producers to turn a good written work into a good audiobook

It seems that, in a similar way to movies, there is no waranty that a good book will be turned into a good audiobook. I've realised that after listening to some of the best sellers books recorded as ...
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Writing for an Audio book. What are specifics?

What are specific requirements, a writer should follow, when writing something that is going to be (or just can possibly be) not only read but listened as well?