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How to create section breaks representing the theme

Since my earlier question What are the symbols that pass time called, I would like to ask if anyone could instruct me how to make the section breaks symbols instead of the basic (...) and (***). ...
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Loving book characters too much

What does it take to become obsessed with liking your own character? A dude in a coffee shop yesterday was talking nonstop about how an author was able to describe one of his favorite characters ...
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Do I need permission to copy school questions to my book?

My main character is going to a highly advanced school but I have no idea how to make up hard questions. I'm terrible at math, so I was wondering do I need permission to copy my older sister's college ...
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My parents disapprove of my dream of becoming an author but I don’t want to wait till I’m eighteen. What should I do? [closed]

I'm desperate, that all I can say about my situation right now. My parents planned to make me the next heir of their restaurant yet I want to have a chance in life where I could choose my own career ...
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Why is tl;dr at the end?

Why is it in the end, I see this often after reading the material. The definition is too long, didn't read, but by the time I see the tl;dr, I've already read it. It breaks the flow of the whole story ...
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Does a page-turner have to be continually high-octane?

I've experimented with both critique partners and people I know (be they friends, family or colleagues) as unrewarded beta readers. The latter are very slow, sometimes reading slower than I wrote a ...
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Writing a song as the hook

I am at the free-writing stages of writing my high fantasy novel. I am looking at or experimenting with different methods for hooking the reader and driving their attention towards the rest of my ...
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Where should I put my tl;dr?

By definition TL;DR, short for "too long; didn't read", is Internet slang to say that some text being replied to has been ignored because of its length. In slang it can also stand for "...
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How to seek an audience? [closed]

I write mainly short stories and poetry, and am unsure of what social media platform will garner more attention to this type of writing. Is there a tried and true social media that will get me more ...
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How to keep the reader engaged throughout the novel?

Some authors (a la Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code) use an expected twist and unanswered question at the end of every chapter. Some (a la Stephen King) build deep characters that simply draw you in. ...
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How can I write an attention-grabbing first line?

So, the beginning of any story needs to capture the attention of the reader, so he continues and wants to find out what's happening. A Confederacy of Dunces starts "A green hunting cap squeezed the ...
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