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Questions tagged [artwork]

Drawings, paintings, photographs, and other art meant to illustrate writing. Use this tag for questions about the actual art used in novels, comics, or other written or scripted works, about finding or working with artists, or about incorporating illustrations in your writing. For questions about depictions of data in a graphical form, use [graphics] instead.

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Should I work with a studio or by myself?

While writing my script, I started thinking about budget and animation quality, and how much time it'll take (and sleep I'll lose :,] ) making this series. It would be nice working with a studio, ...
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Is it okay to have a children's picture book with 100 illustrated pages? Are there any examples of such books?

Recently, I had commissioned illustrations for a children's picture book that I had written. I had outlined what type of illustrations I wanted and the whole thing ended up being 100 pages worth of ...
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