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What are the guidelines for using articles in technical writing?

When writing technical documentation, I commonly include articles ("the" and "a"), as I think it makes thigs clear and natural to read: According to the customer's requirements, ...
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How to refer to a definition that might not be standard but will be used in an article?

Let's say that for some math article there's a concept that is used many times, but the author does not know a standard name for this concept, if it exists. The author creates a name for this concept. ...
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Comma after adverb

Should you include a comma after an adverb, just before the adverb or not include a comma at all in this example. The adverb in question being 'prematurely'. 1 On Tuesday, the EU’s attempt to reach a ...
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Leaving out the definitive article in academic writing

I'm currently finishing up my bachelors' thesis and I'm experimenting with the abstract. I checked my first draft with Grammarly and right away some words were underlined that Grammarly felt were ...
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Article use in "depending on problems to be solved"

I am writing a scientific paper, and I started the first sentence of one paragraph as below: Many algorithms are available, depending on problems to be solved. Someone told me that I need to add the ...
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Writing in Common Styles

How do I make my writing sound like a college textbook, a newspaper article, a scientific journal, a blog post, etc, professionally?
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What is a self expression article called?

I've been blogging for a while and I only write my thoughts and opinions on topics such as world peace, social matters, art & culture, and various other topics. I want to make a living writing ...
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Content Sites - any still around and useful?

I missed my chance to write for About.Com when it was TheMiningCom and now it's DotDash and seems to be under different rules. Suite101 has become (blocked from my work, so that's all I know....
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Whats the difference between inference and conclusion?

Two questions regarding inference and conclusion. 1: Is it true that Inference can be made from any paragraph, from any line of the text but conclusion is drawn from the entire text? 2: Why often ...
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How could I improve my article writing? [closed]

I am a teenager and would like to know more about article writing. I was to write some articles someday. Should I be casual or formal? What POV should I use? How should I arrange the paragraphs? ...
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Is there too much imagery in the intro of this article?

I'm writing an article which is part of an IGCSE English question paper. In the paper, you're basically given two passages (or sometimes more) with a common theme (but not necessarily in the same form ...
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