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Questions tagged [anthologies]

This tag should be used for questions about anthologies, such as when asking about the process of compiling an anthology or finding an agent or publisher for your anthology.

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What's the correct title for someone doing the layout, additional content, and getting agreements from the writers and artists?

I recently participated in an ekphrastic event where a number of poets wrote poems inspired by paintings from a couple of artists. We've decided to create an anthology based on the paintings and poems ...
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What's the best way to publish a small anthology of poetry? [duplicate]

As the title said I'm seeking advice for publishing a small anthology of poetry. I have 28 poems and may possibly be adding somewhere between 3-9 more (for a grand total of 31-37). I personally know ...
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Writing Structure - Building an Anthology Outline

I have been struggling to figure out how to outline a story (script). I would like to make an Anthology where it starts off with my main character placing the setting, and then over the course of the ...
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What will be the copyright situation if I self-publish an anthology of my unpublished short stories?

If I'm planning on self-publishing an anthology of unpublished short stories that I wrote, do I also need to copyright each story, or will the entire anthology's copyright suffice for each story?
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Editing an Anthology or Compilation

I'm interested in putting together an anthology --a work containing some original material, but also lengthy excerpts and/or full text of previously published material by other authors, from a variety ...
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What is the "acid test" for a nonfiction anthology?

I'm asking this on Writing.SE because I'm doing a short presentation on "What is an anthology," and I'm not sure how to answer the question "Why is X an anthology and Y is not?" Merriam Webster ...
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How to cite a letter in an anthology using MLA?

Does anyone know the proper way to cite a private letter printed in an anthology when using MLA? For example, I need to cite the letters from Queen Victoria to her daughter, Princess Fredrick William. ...
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Is an anthology a valid NaNoWriMo entry?

I'm considering taking my first run at NaNoWriMo. 50,000 connected words of beginning-to-end narrative is a little more than I'm used to, so I was considering writing a series of novella-length pieces ...
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