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What is this called? Using one word that has a one meaning but then is given new meaning in a subsequent clause or sentence

This is done in songs and I'm sure it's done in poetry too. For example, in the song Gray and Blue by Jaymay, she sings, "I'm with another boy (he's asleep, I'm wide awake) / And he tried to win ...
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Are there things you should never leave to your audience's interpretation?

Use ambiguity to your advantage. Don't be afraid to leave some things open to your audience's interpretation. This will allow your audience to bring their own experiences and interpretations to the ...
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Are there examples of using text formatting (e.g. color) to disambiguate different instances of the same word in a text?

I've had an idea recently to use color in order to disambiguate several usages of the same word in a text which refer to two different instances of the same concept. Since StackExchange does not allow ...
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Need a concise term for 'Dates to accept bookings within'

I maintain and operate an online bookings platform for all kinds of events and activities. Some of these events can span multiple dates and so require that customers completing a booking must select ...
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MLA In-text citations for websites

I've done some research, but a lot of sources contradict each other. I was just wondering how to do embedded citations for MLA regarding websites. I wasn't too sure how to do them as the websites I ...
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Ambiguous sentences: How to tell when they need fixing?

A story of mine has the following sentence: Alyssa was possessed by a sudden, fierce urge to snatch the teacup out of her sister's hand and dump the contents into her perfectly arranged hair. ...
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Stories with multiple possible interpretations: do you plan for it?

There are many stories out there that are open-ended, up for different interpretations. Many theories spawn around such stories, most of which sound possible/plausible, but are nevertheless only ...
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How do I keep the gender of my main character purposely ambiguous?

I'm a newcomer to this community, and have recently started giving serious thought to my first novel. I'm basically working on an idea I had a few years back. It's fiction, has a lot to do with ...
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Which year to cite reference as?

In a nonfiction snippet I'm writing about metrology, specifically the term micron being used in reference to the unit multiple micrometre (AmE: micrometer) I need to cite Resolution 7 of the 13th ...
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Not knowing a character's name. Would this be frustrating for the reader?

I have a project I have been working on for many years. It is quite personal and is intended for a small audience. In the story, the protagonist is trying to find/help another character, who for ...
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Is it frustrating not to know the narrator's gender?

I have written a 1st person piece and reading it I realize it's very difficult to tell if the narrator is male or female. There are one or two clues, and they come pretty late in the piece. Would ...
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