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Questions about alternative history fiction, or stories based on histories that explore what might have happened if certain historical events and figures had been different. Also sometimes referred to as "alternate" history.

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How much artistic license with history is needed for historical fiction?

I'm writing historical fiction and I'm at the research stage. My question is how much artistic license and fudging things with history do you need to do or should you do? The setting's the recent past ...
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Is there a good reason to use a fictional country in a world with an alternate earth?

Is there a good reason to use a fictional country in a world with an alternate earth? I see a lot of TV show where we have an alternate history on earth and where we see Russian, American people ...
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How to clearly convey the picture of a World War I-era car without mentioning World War I?

So I am working on a story that takes place in a setting with the aesthetics of world war I machinery and society but which does not take place in our world. Because of this, I can't just go about ...
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How can I make the premise of e.g. a short story more real?

As far as my motivation in writing goes, I have long been frustrated about historical fiction I’ve read where the main character is basically an American dressed up in a cloak and armor. The Caryatid: ...
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Will I get into trouble if I included some real life historical characters in my historical fiction / alternate history novel? [duplicate]

I'm planning on writing a story set in the past with some historical events as the background. My story will involve the protagonist meeting with some real life characters in history (a fictional ...
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How can my story take place on Earth without referring to our existing cities and countries?

I come from worldbuilding.stackexchange because people suggested I post my question here: My story shall take place on Earth with the human race as the dominant species. I imagine the technological ...
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Write a story based on characters from an old novel

I am considering writing a "history" of the Morlocks (based on the characters in the H. G. Wells novel). Question: Is this allowed, or do I need permission from his descendants?
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Research on an alternate history novel

I love alternate history scenarios; however, I just want to start writing. Should I do research or just start writing and go with it with some research along the way?
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Writing a coherent alt-history universe

I have a problem writing my alt-history story. It's a story about basically World War I. Yet, I wish not to convey ideas of the time, like how which country was bad, which country was good. Indeed, my ...
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