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Should I self-publish my novella on Amazon or try my luck getting publishers?

I have completed my novellas first draft which is 32k words long. For all the reasons, I was doing research as to whether self-publish or try my luck getting a publisher. I should tell you that I am a ...
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How much time should you devote to learning the craft?

When is enough, enough? Some writers argue that you don’t need how-to books, just practicing writing. Yet, many writers write beautifully but are incapable of producing a publishable novel, while ...
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Stripping the main character's plot armour

I have a main character. I am attempting to disguise this fact, but it is tricky. Out of nowhere, the character rises up as a successful military leader. The events that lead up to that are plausible ...
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How long can a writer expect to write before publishing his/her first novel?

By "How long" I'm assuming from the time they actually start trying to actively publish to the time they finally get published. For example, I've been writing since I was 10 years old - but if I ever (...
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I’m feeling overwhelmed about writing a novel, can anyone help?

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve finally gained enough courage to attempt to write a small novel, 100-150 pages. I’m 13, which I’ve learned is a small problem. I hate to say it, but I’m just ...
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How do you generally share your novels with the masses?

I'm currently writing my first novel and as a particularly young person, I have no clue on how to send my book to a publisher or how I can self promote it online. I know that Wattpad is one option, ...
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How to wake up a character from a first person perspective? [closed]

I am currently trying to write a story, I already have a rough outline of the plot. But the only thing that's holding me back from moving forward. The prolouge involves the main character waking up ...
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How does one break into the field of professional writing?

First, some background that may help explain the question. I have recently realized that most of my life has been spent pursuing technical-creative hybrid projects. As a professional software ...
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Besides books, what other sources can be used to gain knowledge? [closed]

What other ways are there to acquire knowledge? Will the Internet be helpful?
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How do you write short-short nonfiction?

I need to write an opinion, narrative of only 80 words in length. Examples: write about your fondest childhood memory/comment: homework should be banned, etc. How are short-short pieces like this ...
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How do I write a successful book at a young age?

I am 10 years old (almost eleven), and I'm trying to write a novel. I discovered it is a lot harder and stressful than I thought. I'm also scared of people judging it negatively. This seems a lot more ...
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How would my work being available online affect my chances of a book deal?

Preferring to peddle my Science Fiction manuscript to a Literary agent, may well be an impossible dream. In which case I feel that whilst I’m considering that option, however remote it may be, I ...
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Is there such a thing as talent in writing? [closed]

One of the answers to my last question, got a lot of comments. My question based on that is: Is there such a thing as talent in writing? Are some people naturally gifted in writing, which means ...
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Combatting crippling perfectionism

I am attempting to begin writing a Substack newsletter, but I have hit a serious problem: I am a chronic, crippled perfectionist. I can't get through a sentence of any given post without freezing up ...
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An educational ‘roadmap’ to become a proficient writer? [closed]

I need both information about the material as well as about the time it requires to learn to write. What could be a comprehensive reading list of exemplary works for a solid base? And a good reading ...
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