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Stuck...Stuck and stuck how do I overcome it? [duplicate]

I've been writing since I was little but despite the idea I've had for over a year I still haven't completed it. I'm feeling stuck but I know I have something to say with my writing. Someone on a ...
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What is a discovery writer?

From an answer to this question: How do I successfully structure a long fiction piece? I think I can infer the meaning from the usage but some elaboration would be helpful.
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I can't write without an inspiration

I've been writing a book for almost a year now. But it takes so long because I have to wait for "inspiration". Sometimes I will get an idea that makes me excited and want to write. Mostly it's a ...
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What to do when you don't know what to write anymore? [duplicate]

About 10,000 words written in the book, I'm out of creativity to write the rest. If I were to write the last chapters, I would write without concern, but the medium is "cloudy" What to do? ...
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How To Avoid Burnout [duplicate]

One of the main issues I've had when writing is burnout. I get really invested in a deep story and work on it for months, milking every second. However, the issue with this is, after a few months I ...
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How should I even start the publishing process at a young age?

So I am currently writing a book, I have recently had a lot of writers block and don't know how I want my story to reach it's big ending. But also within this problem when I do have my book ready I ...
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What to do when you hit writers block

I’ve recently been writing my book when I got stuck. I think it’s safe to say that this has happened to everyone. This has happened a few times in the certain book I am writing, and I’ve noticed it is ...
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How get rid of writer's block? [duplicate]

Not long ago, I used to be a regular person with a normal office job, but one day I quit it and started writing articles, sharing stories, and useful tips about life on a small farm. Later I became a ...
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What are the reasons behind Writer's block?

I read the question Help! I've got Writer's Block which explains solutions to the problem. I was wondering why someone gets writer's block? Is it anxiety? Is it due to the fact that the ...
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Fiction Writing - has it all been done before?

It's a simple fact the there are more fiction books in existence now than one person could possibly read in a lifetime. Add to this the supposition that all plots, themes and genres have been ...
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How to escape writers block [duplicate]

I've written things for an audience before, but I've never written a small novel like I currently am planning. I haven't wrote anything since maybe December of last year so I am very rusty on my ...
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Writer's Notebook

How can I use a writer's notebook to improve my writing?
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How to invoke my creative side without investing too much time?

I suck at writing. There, I admitted it. More often than not, I find my self staring at a blank moleskine page, or the blinking cursor. You see, the problem lies not in writing itself, but ...
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Real, serious and based on personal experience idea, but no previous practice. Where to begin?

Since my childhood I have had a secret dream to write my own story or even a novel. I have always enjoyed reading books and writing compositions. However, I never had enough courage to start writing ...
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Writer's Block Help [duplicate]

I am in the middle of writing a book but I have serious writer's block any tips on how to combat this? I am only able to write poetry but it isn't as deep and meaningful as it used to be.

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