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Where to find beta readers? [duplicate]

Since I left my writer's group out of personality issues, invariably somebody becomes a know-it-all, it's been a real struggle to find people willing to invest time. The friends/acquaintances I have ...
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Which website is the best for finding critics and feedback on my stories? [duplicate]

I want to post somewhere the pilot chapter of my planned book, to earn feedback and tips what should I improve. Kinda when a TV orders a pilot and then reviews it, if it will attract people. Could you ...
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How do I get beta readers? [duplicate]

I wouldn't feel comfortable asking friends and family to read my work and getting their feedback. And I don't have an online platform to ask strangers. What are my other options?
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What are some good places to receive feedback? [duplicate]

A lot of people have been asking for some feedback about their poem/story. In an attempt to help find them a website, I couldn't. I googled feedback for writing however I didn't find any websites ...
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How can someone become a beta reader?

We have several questions on beta readers, including this one on how writers can find beta readers. How does it work from the other side? How can a non-beta reader make the "jump" and start beta ...
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Should you publish your book online for feedback?

This is a question I've had in my mind and have been a bit curious about. Let's say I finish writing a novel but before publishing it, I want to get feedback on it. Should I publish it online ...
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Where would I find a Critique Partner or Group?

Programmers often collaborate over code by using pastebin. They drop sections of code for others to read and assist in improving or removing errors. Does anyone know if a similar app exists for ...
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What resources are available for amateur writers who need an editor and can’t afford one?

I’ve posted several questions here recently asking for advice on how to write better. The responses I’ve gotten have been invaluable to me, and I’m becoming re-invigorated about the idea of writing. ...
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Approaches to finding critique group for creative nonfiction

How does one go about finding and joining a critique group for nonfiction? I'm writing two different non-fiction books: A collection of pieces written by a relative, collected and edited by me. ...
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Should I save some plot for the sequel of my novel or make the first book (too) long but complete?

I wrote a sci-fi novel. It's around 120k words long with a neat 'ending' that wraps up the main plot. The story is not complete: Although the main goal has been accomplished, a lot of smaller issues ...
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Where can I find people to collaborate with to edit/sell my work?

I'm not sure this is possible. I am looking for someone who can edit and sell. I have a series of books I can't get them off the ground. I am editing and selling challenged. I would be open to ...
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Should I flesh out the start of my fictional story?

The plot I’m thinking of goes from very normal, with fleshed out characters, to surreal towards the end. I want to wrap it around to have strange foreshadowing at the very beginning of the book to ...
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What exactly is a beta reader list?

Beta readers. I am asking this question for others benefit, because I feel it is an important part of writing. Everyone in their writing career at some point has heard the term, beta readers. But what ...
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Exchanging Manuscripts with Beta Readers

I am a newbie. Is there a particular group or section or length on the Stack Exchange website? Any help is appreciated.
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