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Learning from Books [duplicate]

When people aspire to become writers, asking people questions, often they get answers telling them this, to keep on practicing with no technique, and they are given upvotes. And even I too upvote ...
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Please suggest an exemplary book for professional writing [duplicate]

I would like to improve my writing style, grammar, and vocabulary, but I'm having a hard time finding a good exemplary book. Most of books I find perfect at first, turn out to be full of flaws and/or ...
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Comprehensive reference book for syntax and style [duplicate]

I am searching for a good comprehensive (up-to-date) reference that covers not only English grammar and syntax (from an advanced standpoint) but also (actually mainly) matters of intrinsically ...
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What are some online guides for starting writers? [closed]

I've always wanted to start writing (in a totally amateur way), but whenever I want to start something I instantly get blocked having a lot of questions and doubts. Are there some resources on how to ...
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How much time should you devote to learning the craft?

When is enough, enough? Some writers argue that you don’t need how-to books, just practicing writing. Yet, many writers write beautifully but are incapable of producing a publishable novel, while ...
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How to develop a story for a novel?

I am looking for some inspiration on where to start writing a novel. I have a general idea for a plot and characters, but I don't feel it's enough for sitting down and starting to write. It needs a ...
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Podcasts useful for improving writing skills

Any podcasts that can help with writing skills? (One per answer please, I'll add my own fave to get started.)
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What are some good instruction manuals for writing short stories?

I'm looking to learn how to write good short stories, what are some good instruction manuals I should use to learn from?
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Are there any good magazines about writing?

As in all other fields I'm interested in, I love to have a subscribtion that makes sure some hugely inspirational material gets dropped into my mailbox once in a while. I'm not looking for magazines ...
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Books on character development

Are there any good books to learn about character development for mystery/thriller genre fiction? For example, when to introduce the character(s), how much background info to give about each character,...
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Writing technique resources

Are there resources (books, blogs...) which describe proven techniques to obtain certain effects? For example: you will obtain this effect if you use the first person, effective ways to describe fear, ...
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Improving my English

I'm keen to write stories from my imagination. However, my grammar is not up to the mark. I use very simple words, not complicated words like the ones used in novels. I read many great books, such as ...
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How can I learn to write thrillers?

I'm newbie in writing books. How can I learn to write thrillers? There are books to learn how to write, and other resources. But how can I learn to specifically write thrillers? What skills do I ...
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References or tips for book editing (self-published books)

Disclaimer: English isn't my native language and I haven't studied writing, book editing or poetry at all. According to my meta question about asking questions about sources or references for help ...
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Where can I find exercises to help me develop fictional writing techniques useful in narrative nonfiction?

I usually write explanatory nonfiction, but now I am interested in something more narrative--think Erik Larson or Rebecca Skloot, for example. I write clearly, and understand basic ideas about ...
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