I know the best way is to hire an editor. And I know you become aware of them over time.

I just want to know if there are any tips or techniques to spot/correct them?

For example these are my common errors/typos:

  • Feel/fell

  • Raise/rise

  • Back/black

  • Not/no

  • You/your/you're

  • Where/were

  • Would/would it

  • Over it/over to it

  • Quiet/quite

  • Kill/kills

  • I/I've

  • Had/have

  • When it happened/when it had happened

  • He was/was he

  • Thousands of years/ thousands years

  • On/in/at

Right now, I can only think of searching each individual error/typo with CTRL + F and correct it.

Does anyone has other suggestions?



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