I'm having a hard time formulating a sentence with the following meaning

Please note that not all eBooks support all the different platforms and devices.

I think the sentence conveys the idea (please mention if it's ambiguous); however, I feel it's unnatural and unprofessional.

I'm looking for suggestions to re-word and improve it. Thank you!


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Please note that some eBooks may be unavailable in formats required by certain eBook readers.

  • First off, the relation is in opposite direction. Device supports media, not the opposite.
  • It's about formats, not the content so, eBook formats.
  • A device supports a number of formats, requires any single of them.
  • an eBook reader covers both devices and programs; mostly all platforms support all formats, providing they can run a program that can read them.
  • not all...all is less than optimal style. I think "some, certain", "unavailable" is a better word choice.
  • I'm still not sure about "certain", you may prefer something like "selected", "chosen" or such.

how about -

Not all eBooks will be compatible with all operating systems and eReaders.


Each type of eBook reader has different requirements. Not every title will be available for use on a particular reader.


Please note: some eBooks cannot be viewed on certain platforms or devices.

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