Recently I ran into a situation where an accepted article (by an online publication) was not published the month it was agreed on.

The article had time-sensitive paragraphs for events that would expire within months. So it can be considered to be an article with an expiration date.

Finally, I decided to take my article and publish it elsewhere (the publisher/editor claimed to have "lost" the article).

Now I would like to understand what other writers have experienced in these situations?

  • If you sell an article that should be published before a certain time period, can you argue for payment at the point of sale? -- Instead of "when the article is published", as is suggested by several online outlets.



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Look in your publishing contract. (In the absence of a contract, the written communication between you and your publisher can serve as an agreement and stand in for a contract.) If the contract (or a written agreement) was breached and you lost a significant amount of money, consult a lawyer.

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