I have written a book on affirmations and now am looking for the steps that will take me from here to self-published. Is it a 1. line editor, 2. development editor, layout editor, book cover design? No sure if all these steps are needed and by whom. Any advice


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A development editor will give you the big picture, so you start there before hiring a line editor. If you are not a book designer, you can hire a designer who will set the font and look of the pages. You'll need to check out various book publishers, whether print or ebook or both. Here's a good site to check out all these avenues: https://blog.reedsy.com/


There are different kinds of "self publishing".

One type is where you pay a company to format your book for printing -- decide what goes on each page, set margins, etc -- create a title page, copyright page, etc; design a cover; maybe do some editing; and then arrange to have it printed. Companies that provide services like this often say that they will market your book and get it into bookstores, but how much they really do in this regard varies widely, from very little to none worth mentioning.

Another type of self publishing is where you do everything yourself except the actual printing. You format your book, you design the cover, etc.

The first type typically costs several thousand dollars, up to maybe $10,000 or $15,000. The second type typically costs $0 to maybe $100. You ask someone to do a bunch of work for you and you're going to pay for it. Do it all yourself and the only "cost" is your time. (And whatever you have to spend on computer software and the like.)

So you're first step -- after actually writing the book -- is to decide which route you want to go. Second step is to research the companies that will do this sort of work and pick the one that best fits what you are looking for.

I've published 4 books by the second method. I prefer the "do it yourself" approach because then I control everything. If you go that way, there are three main choices in the market today that I know of: Amazon (Kindle Desktop Publishing), Lulu, and Lightning Source. (You may have heard of a company called "Create Space". They got bought out by Amazon and renamed "Kindle Desktop Publishing".) I published my first book with Lulu and the other 3 with Amazon. Lulu has more options for formats. At one time Amazon could not do hard cover, but I understand that they now do.

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