I am responsible for product X. Product X has bi-directional connectivity with other systems A and B.

When I am referring to data coming from A in to X, I can say:

  • "Inbound interface from A to X"
  • "Inbound from A to X"

Or I can give the directionality a codename and say that:

  • X1 = data coming in to X (implies from A)
  • X2 = data leaving X (implies to A)

I don't find either of these to be elegant solutions. What is a good, succinct way to reference the directionality/flow of information between 2 systems?

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  • "Inbound interface from A to X"
  • "Inbound from A to X"

The informative part of both of these is A to X.

If I turned to this page from the index because I'm troubleshooting or looking up a specific function, I don't need to know anything else.

I certainly don't need to remember a code that is printed somewhere else in the book.


A possible method is to use a direction indicator. This is the standard for the factory automation API:



The first is "equipment to host". The second is "host to equipment".

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