Honestly my problem here is that I've been on writing hiatus for like...a year and half. Apart from writing small stories here and there, I haven't really taken on a story to a larger scale in a long time. There's several factors which caused it, but I'm spare you the details.

Either way, I recently got in the inspired creative mood that I'm been trying to regain control of again for awhile now, and I have this one story idea (sort of, not sure if I like it yet or not). The problem is, all my ideas for it are so muddle and jumbled into chaos in my head, that I can't even think straight to start thinking of where to begin. And I know someone's probably just going to suggest that I "sit down and think about it and write anything about it that comes to mind". Listen, that doesn't work for me. I can't even force my mind or body to do that. It's like grating nails on chalkboards for me right now. Maybe once I'm not so rusty at getting my thoughts in my head so organized I could do that, but not in my current state.

And for the record, how I use to get my thoughts in order was simple: I didn't. I've never needed to do this before, so I lack the skills and knowledge of methods to help myself. In the past, whenever I had an idea, I just instantly knew it in my head. Even if I didn't know where it was heading, I did have it in order enough to run with it. My God, it feels like I have cotton in my head right now. Please help!

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