I've seen several references to some "short monograph on subject X". But how short is that? Is there a standard length to use as a reference?

I realize that this depends on page size and font, so I guess answers should reference what kind of layout is used.

  • I think many of us have wondered how long Holmes's trifling monographs were. :) Commented Oct 22, 2012 at 10:22

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Monograph lengths are generally not about number of pages, but about word counts. In the humanities you will find monographs ranging from 5000-100,000 (and even longer) in length. There is no standard length for monographs unless you are writing for a specific publisher/publication which specifies length.


I think the shortest monograph (as in the Stanford Briefs or Palgrave Pivot series) would be about 20,000 words.

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