I am looking for a software who have a timeline which can have event in it, items, character and a manuscript and if there is item and magic/skill it's even better

i can't afford to pay for using a software, i think campfire was a good option but it's 10 character max for free and for worldanvil i think i need to pay to put it in private and i try using kanka but i am not sure if it fit me well but itt has a lot of things i need

thanks in advance


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As a fellow writer, I have the same issues with keeping organized and making sure the timeline fits. Here's a site I found, hopefully it works. WorldAnvil

If I find any other sites that look like they would work, I'll come back and Send another link.

  • Sorry if i take time to awnser but witth world anvil do i need to pay to putt my project in private ?
    – napez
    Aug 16, 2022 at 23:41

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