If you use rhymezone, you can only get 2 synonym for the word penis, but if you look at the slangs for penis, there's 100 different slangs for it, so I am wondering what might be the best slang thesaurus on the Internet. I need it so I can write dialogues for people who belong to some street gangs in my next novel.

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    – Allan
    Commented May 21, 2022 at 0:45
  • urbanthesaurus.org looks really good. Maybe post an answer so I can share and accept it as an answer.
    – Sayaman
    Commented May 22, 2022 at 0:10
  • I just found out that Urban Thesaurus exists. This is great!
    – Murphy L.
    Commented May 23, 2022 at 13:15

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Surprisingly,you can find a few of them. Here's a good example or british slang and I'll add in the swear words: https://www.oxfordinternationalenglish.com/dictionary-of-british-slang/ https://www.indy100.com/viral/british-swear-word-ranked-offensiveness-2657274989 Just look around.

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