In a book about the East India Company that has a list of illustrations, the source of one is listed as "The British Library, London Add. Or. 742." A footnote referencing this watercolor is later included as the following: "Add. Or. 742, India Office Library."

Does anyone know the meaning of the abbreviations "Add. Or." and what 742 is, in this context? Thank you.

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"Add. Or. 742" is a catalogue reference to the item in collection of the British Library.

I think "Add" stands for "additional", as in "Additional Manuscripts", which are reference by "Add MS". There is also "Add Ch", which seem to be charters. I'm not certain what "Add Or", but it might refer to "Orient", as in the (far) east. The references I've look at all fell in that category.

"742" makes it the 742nd addition to that part of the collection.

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