What should a transcriptionist do if the speakers utters,

"You need to accept the consequences and deal with the problem and focus more on growth."

Be informed that transcription companies doesn't permit the omission of any part of speech - the coordinating conjunction and in this case - from the transcript. It also happens with or.

Similarly, what should the punctuation look like when the speaker says,

"The most interesting fact, the one that got my attention so far, is that..."

Should it be as transcribed above?

  • At least, Grammarly doesn't protest any of your constructions (with the exception that it protests the ellipsis, but that's because it doesn't understand you're giving us an example... If I replace "…" with " birds fly." It has no comments...) And whatever Grammarly can do, it seems to be able to handle simple things like punctuation quite well.
    – Erk
    Aug 21 at 15:35

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