I find myself using however much too often. What's the best way around this? Should I find a list of substitutes? I'm thinking a better approach would be to fix my overall sentence structure and flow. I don't have much in terms of official writing training. I've been blogging a good bit and I feel I have good points to make, but I think my style and flow is just horrendous (as witnessed by this rambling question). Any tips for a blogger to improve their writing ability?

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    Could you give an example? Sometimes writers think they have a problem, but the readers don't notice or care. – Shantnu Tiwari May 15 '12 at 13:30
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    andersonbd1, your question is much too vague to answer. This is not a discussion forum as you probably know. A specific example would be helpful, then it would be a critique question (follow these guidelines: meta.writers.stackexchange.com/questions/166/…). Otherwise your question will be closed, I guess. – John Smithers May 15 '12 at 13:51

I'm afraid your question, "Any tips for a blogger to improve their writing ability?" will have to remain unanswered, because it is too vague. However, I can address some of your other concerns, or at least point you in the right direction.

Should I find a list of substitutes [for however]?

Similar questions to this have been asked and answered here and here on our sister site English Language and Usage, which is probably the best forum for individual word choices. There is also a discussion, of sorts, of the proper usage of however here. Nevertheless, you should continue to ask Writers any writer-ly sort of questions you have, per the FAQ.

What's the best way around [using however]?

This is a question we might be able to help with. But the answer will most likely be a variant of "use however sparingly" without any real sense of what that means. Just keep in mind that when you are using however you're making a statement that runs counter to the previous thought. Asking that question, "How do I best join two disparate thoughts?" could be a constructive style question to ask here.

I don't have much in terms of official writing training.

Hey, I don't either. Formal training (i.e. college) helps. But as I'm sure you know, practice makes perfect. Having said that, feel free to ask for a critique by asking specific question about a specific excerpt as per this discussion on our meta side.

In any case, welcome to Writers. But for your next question, you might want to consider asking one question about a specific topic.

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