I have a series of books, e.g. Acme Travel Series...

Book Title: London Sightseeing
Subtitle:   Acme Travel Series
(Book 1 of Acme Travel Series)

Book Title: Tokyo Sightseeing Volume 1
Subtitle:   Acme Travel Series
(Book 2 of Acme Travel Series)

Book Title: Tokyo Sightseeing Volume 2
Subtitle:   Acme Travel Series
(Book 2 of Acme Travel Series)

Book Title: Paris Sightseeing
Subtitle:   Acme Travel Series
(Book 3 of Acme Travel Series)

so on...

I would like to include the Series Number of each book in the Subtitle, e.g.,

Subtitle: Acme Travel Series #1

What I'd like to know is which of the following is more appropriate and "correct" in terms of publishing conventions (if any.) My own preference is 2.. Is that good enough?

  1. Acme Travel Series No. 1
  2. Acme Travel Series #1
  3. Acme Travel Series Number 1
  4. Acme Travel Series Number One
  5. Acme Travel Series Book 1

Please feel free to suggest a better one too!

Thank you very much.

  • Regardless of which exact formatting you choose, let me express that as a reader, I am truly grateful if authors do this. Quite some times, I have had the annoying experience of having several books that I knew belong to a (possibly loosely) connected series, without any definitive indication of their ordering. It usually takes some digging around on Wikipedia and the like, and unless I dare write something onto the books (oh noes!), the search begins all over each time I switch to the next novel. And a few times, I have even had the even more annoying experience of reading a book, then ... May 7 '21 at 21:02
  • ... finding out half-way throught hat it's actually the nth book in a series. Thus, I'm missing half the backstory, but I'm already too far in so the first parts are spoiled already. Thus, do not let anyone convince you visibly numbering your books is "not usual", "not the done thing", or anything like that - it's a good and useful practice that should IMHO be commonplace, anyway. May 7 '21 at 21:04

I like option two as well as option five. (Without the ellipses?) What about "volume"?

Acme Travel Series Volume 1


Acme Travel Series Volume One

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks! Actually I forgot to mention that a title may contain multiple volumes (I have now corrected the question.) So respective volume numbers are already contained in main Title. I am also leaning towards option 2 as it is also shorter. Thanks again! :)
    – spcsLrg
    May 7 '21 at 14:36

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