Where can I find the basic texts on a story theory - books or things like that that discuss ideas like the "Chosen One" and the "Hero's Journey"?

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    As well as the rabbit-hole that is the site itself TVTropes also has page collecting various books on tropes. Jan 8 at 10:27
  • perhaps tvtropes is what your looking for. tvtropes.org Jan 8 at 12:10
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    If you want a book, "Hero with a Thousand Faces" is a classic exploration of the meta-myth of Heroic Epics.
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    Jan 8 at 13:24
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    Does anyone know what the downvotes are for? I'd like to know so I can help rather than just receiving blind, unexplained downvotes Jan 9 at 18:54

The basic source work for the Hero's Journey, as we typically think of it (including the trope of the Chosen One), is Joseph Campbell's seminal survey of world myths, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. However, it's not the easiest text to get into, and a lot of it won't be applicable to your interests. If you're looking for a simplified version, aimed at writers, Christopher Voegler's The Writer's Journey is your best bet.

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