So, I got a message on Wattpad by a woman called Livia, claiming that she is an Author Liaison representative, she said that she has read the initial chapters of my first book, which has got no attention. She said " novel showcases your capabilities as a writer thus, I would like to invite you to publish on our platform W e b n o v e l" I do not know if this is scam but she said she would like to offer a non-exclusive for your novels currently. The only thing is that, when I posted my very first book n Wattpad, I messaged a random account which does fiction and mystery but is also quite famous, not know she is an Author Liaison. I replied to her via email, but I do not know if this is a scam or just a cop paste thing. Nothing seemed to glitch or look weird. ANY ADVICE FOR THIS?

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    Welcome to Writing SE @Warda ! Unfortunately this is a pretty prevalent scam that's been hitting Wattpad and other writing communities pretty hard of late. See the linked duplicate question for more info. – motosubatsu Jan 5 at 11:33