I'm trying to collect feedback from my colleagues and the deadline is on 10-April-2012, 2.00pm. So in my mail I write:

Please email your feedback to me before 2.00pm, 10-April-2012(Tuesday).

Does it seems too commanding instead of being polite?


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If there is a tight deadline, as you seem to have, I always follow the sentence containing the deadline information with another sentence that says something like, "If you foresee a problem with replying by tomorrow, please let me know that as soon as possible."

This gives them a chance to tell you that the deadline is not feasible for them.


Just a reminder: I need your feedback by this Tuesday, 10 April, before 2pm. Thanks!


Your wording is perfectly polite. It's neither demanding nor wimpy.

If you think it would help, add a few words about why you need the feedback by 2pm. Something like, "so I can revise the document before the 3pm staff meeting." That gives people some context in which to understand the deadline.


I think it is better: I am waiting for your feedback till 02/03/2015

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