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I'm currently working on a story that involves a main character who's biggest flaw is her self-doubt, low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence. Whatever you want to call it. I'm thinking that she will show this deep self-doubt by pushing others away because she fears they'll learn too much about her and end up not liking her, an easy thing for her to believe if she doesn't like herself.

Does anyone know of good examples of characters like this? I know there are plenty out there but I'm having trouble thinking of many. I just want to look at and think about what a character like this does to slowly push the ones she loves away so that I can hopefully find some inspiration in how my character might do this throughout the novel.

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    As one who has experienced being "pushed away" in real life by a close friend, it is usually subtle. Basically, they stop opening up to you and they get out of spending one on one time with you. "I'm too busy right now," "I'd rather not talk about it," "I'm really tired, maybe later," and when you ask what's going on in their life or how they are doing: "I'm fine. Nothing much." etc. Really all you have to do to distance someone is to not let them into your life in the important ways (usually so subtly they don't notice at first), even if you still are seeing them "socially".
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Very simply, have the character avoid any conversation or contact at all. Instances of this can easily be peppered throughout. Indicate also how this affects the people being closed out. Sitting in silence when gathered is a strong indicator, especially if the characters thoughts loop around how to get away. Sarcastic comments during interactions and making excuses, no matter how ridiculous they sound, to leave. (That’s what I do anyway 😏)


When writing a romance novel, A way you might think of a character who is developing feelings for another, one might think of it in a way that it is your first crush, This may sound odd, but it is a way of thinking in denial. Also one might think this is just a phase, if you need more help let me know!


I think the best approach is not for her to push away the ones that she loves, but to push them away before they can get that close to her to begin with.

I'm writing a character like this. She's been bullied for all of the time she's been in school (the narrative starts when she's 17), and so every attempt to get close to her is taken as a scheme to glean more fodder for another round of bullying.

So when she is approached by a boy who is romantically interested in her, she is harsh and abrasive.

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