I am a young author writing a fantasy series, and while browsing writing prompts and trying to better my writing yesterday, I got an idea for another, totally different series. I am in love with the one I am writing, but the one that I thought of is also very exiting.

Should I stop the one I am writing to write the other one? Or should I write them both at the same time? Should I cast the other one to the side until I’m done with this one? Or should I forget about the other one?

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    If you are to the editing stage of the first one, stick with it until it's done. You can play around with the other one, but don't get too deep into it. There will be breaks in the writing process where beta readers or editors haven't gotten back to you, and these make great times to work on a new project. Otherwise it's fine, as long as you don't lose track of the first and never finish things (another common trap for writers) – DWKraus Oct 22 '20 at 20:45

I do this a bunch and i just move around, write a chapter or two of one and then go back to the other one. I don't really plan out my story all the way to the end though, so if you plan everything then you might want to just go all the way through first but who knows. Currently, I have 5 stories in progress(although my account for my 3 fanfiction stories seems to be offline) and switching between them has never been a problem for me before. Just do a quick skim when switching stories so you don't accidentally put a chapter of 'Kill or be Killed' in your 'Little Unicorn Rhymes' novel.


Ideas are great. Turning them into completed texts is hard.

I would suggest writing down your second idea so you don't forget it and then going and finishing a first draft of your other idea. When it is completed you can give time to the second one.

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    If you have more than one book in the works, when you have finished the first draft of the first book, give your undivided attention to the second. When the first draft for that book is complete, you'll have forgotten enough about the first book to make its weaknesses apparent when you go to edit it. – EvilSnack Oct 24 '20 at 2:37

I do this with games all the time. I've been working on 10 or so different side projects for the past 5 years or so. I've released a grand total of 0 games.

If you're writing for fun, then by all means, work on any book idea you want. But if you're writing to publish, you really have to push hard to get that one done.


Well it depends on if they are in the same series, for example it would be fine to do it if the stories eventually intertwined to make sure the stories plot lined up, although I think its best to focus on one book at a time so you are able to give it your all, and so that the book will be at its best.

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