I've written a few bad stories before, but I post them online anyway. All my past ones have been put on a fanfiction site, but the one I'm working on doesn't go there. It's still a work in progress, and I'm adding on regularly. I would like to keep it as 1 document the entire time I'm writing it so I don't have to run through my files to find a small detail. It's fiction, and I don't plan on making it a series. I would like a site where I can go back in the published version if I decide to add or remove details from a certain point. I looked into Inkitt, and it seems like a good option but I would like to find a site with a better writing format, and I didn't really like the general feel of the site. I'd like a site where my story could be reviewed, and have some communication method besides talking in the comments. That's one of the features I really liked about the fanfiction site, you could talk to other authors.

Sorry this question is kinda all over the place. Just looking for a site where-

  • I can post my unfinished story
  • and keep it in one document
  • while still updating regularly, adding onto the story or going back to change something
  • and getting advice/criticism from other authors

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The obvious candidate is FictionPress. It's run by the same people as FanFiction.net, and is essentially the same website with all the same features, the only different being that it's for original works. I have used it myself for several years and, while it's hit-or-miss as to whether anyone will comment on your stories (and whether their criticism is any good), it has all the other features you're looking for.


I recently joined Scribophile and have really found it valuable. Work posted there is private, so it's perfect for pre-publication, and they have a karma system which encourages people to post high-quality critiques.

They also have an active forum, and innumerable niche writer's groups. They have a paid upgrade tier, but the majority of the site's functionality is available at the free tier.

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