Can anyone tell me what literary device defines the following poem? I need to categorize this poem.

COVID-19 You will Never Own My Morale

By Adrian D'Costa

COVID-19. You, despicable virus.

Coronavirus. You wretched soul snatcher.

You will never own my high spirit.

You will never own my high morale.

I am standing on this

ground with my head held high.

I will leave this world

as an upright soul.

With my spinal cord straightened

looking at the sky.

You will never own me.

You will never persuade me

to believe I am an empty void

mirror of myself.

In my own world.

You will never going to

dissuade me to realize

this is the end of the Human Element.

I despise you.

For your vilified vile and for your venomous poison.

You are completely devoid of

the yearning for the entity called Love.

You could flatten me down on this land

of lowest probabilities.

But you will never own my high morale

to find a cure.

To help a broken solitude soul.

And this is the Humanity’s call

that I accept.

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  • @ArtickokeAndAnchovyPizza What literary device defines this poem?
    – user33258
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