I want to write an email to a person who has volunteered to teach students online. we have scheduled the first session together based on the time that best fits his schedule, however , he didn't attend the meeting, we have contacted him by phone before the meeting but he didn't answer, and we had to apologize to the students that have attended.

I want to write to him an email, asking if every thing is well, and to reschedule a new session if he have time, but I have no idea how to request this formally and politely in an email.


There are a few things that need to be included in such a letter. I start by writing out how angry or disappointed I am about the outcome of the situation. Then I go about trimming this down to very polite and business like language. This will include the consequences of the missed meeting. Then I write the beginning part up above which will be much more polite and concerned about their possible welfare and unknown condition. This will be phrased as "Are you alright" "We hope you are well" etc. The ending will list the possibilities that are available to them; If you wish to proceed/reschedule; Perhaps you do not have the time; or your own choice of "We will find help elsewhere." depending on your options and choices.

You begin with concern of their welfare, detail gently the consequences of their absence and finish with discussion of the next steps. You are not to worry about your own failings, limitations or problems. The problem is their own. They said they would meet and they did not.

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