I've been searching for an answer for this for the whole week and I'm frankly running out of time.

So, my assignment is to write an analysis of a historical speech. In addition to that primary source, I was given a PowerPoint, a chapter in my history book and an audiobook segment. This is a history class so we have to cite everything in the Notes/Bibliography Chicago/Turabian style. I am admittedly not well educated in the style as all of my other courses have used either MLA or APA. I have managed to successfully cite everything to the best of my knowledge except the audiobook .mp4 segment. My teacher posted it on our class site for download and after a google search, I managed to track it down on Youtube:


However, as I was filling out the footnote and Bibliography entries I realized I didn't know who the speaker was. It clearly wasn't my teacher reading it as I'm familiar with his voice but I'm uncertain if the name of the Youtube channel is the name of the actual reader/speaker. I looked through the videos on the channel and it has quite a few classic story readings on it but most of them have different readers/speakers with clear credits. If they're not the speaker how would I find out the information or would it just be better to omit the speaker's name entirely?

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