Is there an accepted order in which "List of"s should appear in the document?

For example, I have a section dedicated to "List of (Code) Listings", another for "List of Figures", and another for "List of Symbols". Is there a preferred order in which these should appear in the document?



But you can look at other books and see if there is a common pattern.

I would put them either alphabetically or else by size or perhaps importance. But put all the lists together in the TOC not interspersed with other things.

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In academic writing, lists should appear at the end of the document, just before any appendices.

In fiction, a single list of characters might appear after the table of contents and before the first chapter. Additional lists appear at the end of the tale or volume.

Hope this helps.

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  • "In academic writing, lists should appear at the end of the document" - do you have a source for this? – DM_with_secrets Jun 27 at 16:26

The only rule I have seen is do not make "List of One Thing" where your list (and sub-list) only have one componant. If you have Item A.1 then you must have an A.2.

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  • This doesn't seem to answer the question – DM_with_secrets Jun 27 at 16:27

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