Hi I am on final semester of my Master’s programme in Islamic Finance and my supervisor suggested me to translate one of his book from Arabic to English as my thesis. I wonder does translation counts as a thesis and is it ethical?

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    Welcome to Writing.SE! I think this question is better suited to Academia.SE, since you're coming at it from an academic point of view. I'm certain, however, that what you're describing is plagiarism, which is bad. – F1Krazy Jan 9 at 15:40

Is it original research? No. Is it expanding your thinking? No. Is it a pathway to a PhD? No. Is it ethical? No. Do you see a theme emerging? There is no way that translating a book into English is a thesis. Even if you were doing a degree in foreign languages, it wouldn't qualify because it isn't your original research.

Sack your supervisor. Find a topic you are interested in and that will help you in the future.

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