House Kardashian is a large clan in westeros that is made up of different clans, each further broken down into different families. Members of this house have genes which allows them to access Mana through rituals, creating magical effects. These rituals are complex and time consuming, requiring access to different materials. Girls have the ability to utilize magic and become witches. Boys cannot access magic due to an ancient curse, and take up other roles in society.

Men and women occupy different roles in society due to one having magic and the other Lacking it. Because only girls are able to use magic, they are raised by their mothers and their relatives. They are considered part of that lineage, and are the rightful heirs to that lineage and family name. Any males that are born are sent to live in creches, growing up in groups of men and raised communally. These boys are Raised by older men from older creches for the benefit of their clan. For this reason, they are referred to as "sons of society" and considered as belonging to the house itself rather than a particular family. However, they occupy other positions of power that are necessary to make the system work. Guarding the walls, training the horses, collecting taxes, managing the gathering of these ingredients, and other forms of skilled labor successfully maintain the infrastructure and allow it to grow.

As you can see, man's contributions to their house and to witches are necessary in order for the system to be sustained. However, necessary is not always treated as essential, and value is not usually distributed fairly among sexes. I don't want males to be seen as lesser valued or slaves to witches. How can this setup be made equally balanced between the sexes and valued according to their merit?

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    This feels like a world-building problem rather than a writing problem. I suggest asking this on WorldBuilding.SE instead. – F1Krazy Dec 2 at 17:01
  • I would recommend looking into Iroquis society which was matrolinear but not matriarchal. Women had political power on the domestic front while men were designated political power on foreign matters (including the council of all tribal leadership and war commanders). When at home, property was inherited mother to daughter, but men were expected to teach the next generation of men how to act like men for the entire extended family. Men who acted in ways that hurt the local tribe were able to be recalled, symbolically by his family's matriarch removing cerimonial garb from the recalled man. – hszmv Dec 3 at 20:05

You have to define "equal". Men and Women, IRL, already have abilities the other gender does not have. Only women can give birth, only men produce sperm to father a child. Medical science may blur those lines, but hardly at all, so far.

Yet regular society can be considered equal when all persons are treated the same by the powers that exist: The laws, the government, the police, the schools, they are entitled to the same protections and benefits of society.

There are a few cases related to gender where that becomes difficult, like rape and sexual harassment. About 99% of these cases feature females victimized by males. That is due to evolutionary psychological impulses that many male humans fail to overcome. (It isn't that females cannot rape males, or males cannot rape males, just that the instances of male victims are rare.) As a result, because it is what law enforcement and the courts handle almost exclusively, the laws on rape and sexual harassment contain much more detail and reasoning when applied to female victims, than when applied to male victims.

But your story is not like this. Males and females do not enjoy the same benefits or laws, and that makes it a patently unequal society. The males are raised communally and not by a parent. Women are raised by a parent. That is not equal at all, it is well established that being raised by a parent (natural or adoptive) that has affection for you, plays with you, teaches you, etc is better for your mental health than being raised "communally".

You are treating the females as special citizens that are more deserving of care and understanding by society than men, and treating the men as second-class citizens, discarded as not worth being raised by a parent.

Apparently fatherhood as a role doesn't enter into your world at all.

Perhaps love between males and females doesn't enter into your world at all; children don't get to know who their father is, fathers are not part of their lives. It seems in your world, the only parents any child is allowed to know are mothers, and males have no relationship with women other than providing a seed for pregnancy.

That is far more unequal than modern America or Europe; where both sons and daughters can love their fathers, be supported by them, and be happy when their father is proud of them, and vice versa. where both men and women can enjoy a relationship that produces children, and participate equally in their upbringing.


"Seen as equal" - in the eyes of an average reader? No.

Definition of an "equal society" very much depends on a historic epoch. For example, the American society, widely seen as equal, was designed in late XVIII century and, at the time, did not provide equal rights for women and slaves - still was hailed as "equal" back in the day.

Today, gender rights seem very important and indispensable. Males and females may have different biological capabilities, but as far as the rights are concerned, there should not be any gap between them.

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