I have been looking for a word that rhymes with post with similar meaning to a school.

But I go to thesaurus.com, sounding the words on my head for results under "school" and none rhyme. I then tried "academy" and failed to find anything.

But then I switched "post" for some other word to match "school", and nothing.

When I compared the alternatives for both choices, I decided on "set" and "department".

So is there a service that allows you to select two words (and its part of speech, just as here post was a verb and school was a noun) and give you combinations of rhymes?

P.S. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to create either.

It's a program that retrieves your two words, inputs them into the thesaurus and tries to find a rhyme (requesting rhymezone.com) - and if it doesn't exist, then selects the first word from that list, re-iterates the program (but not for the new list, keeping it at n^2 complexity)...So, it should exist. Not very creative, I know.

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    Dunno if you can find a two-in-one solution, but you can search in the other direction with a rhyming dictionary, e.g. rhymes.net or festisite.com/poems/rhyme – sesquipedalias Jul 20 at 1:37
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  • You are correct it would not be difficult to build, but the data sourcing would require tremendous effort. You would need a thesaurus with full phonetics tailored to your personal accent... – Weckar E. Jul 20 at 3:24
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    This is probably a challenge for codegolf.SE – NofP Jul 20 at 11:46
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I just stumbled upon


Given a word it returns a section that suggests rhymes for related words. They may not synonyms, but it is the only tool I have found so far.

  • If I find a text file with a thesaurus and one with rhymes I'll gladly code your answer :) – NofP Aug 2 at 10:48

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