As the title said I'm seeking advice for publishing a small anthology of poetry. I have 28 poems and may possibly be adding somewhere between 3-9 more (for a grand total of 31-37). I personally know this would end up being quite thin and small of a book.

I have a title page, acknowledgments, a table of contents (2 pages), and an about the author page. I have it divided into subgroups so I do also have title pages for each section which contain brief descriptions of what the section entails. In total I'll have somewhere between 44-50 pages including all that was mentioned above.

I would love to publish it and have a hard copy of the book but don't know how to go about the process. I want to for sure have a hard, physical copy that I could put on my own bookshelf at home. Although it would be great to sell some as well I don't expect to have a huge audience. What is the best recommended course of action?

I have been interested in writing my entire life but have never really gotten far enough along in the process until now to have something that I feel is worth publishing and potentially sharing with others. Thank you all so much for your time and effort. I hope I can be published soon!



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