I am writing a document with several chapters. Each chapter title uses heading 1 and the chapters have the numbers 1 to 8.

All chapters are using header 1 so that I can build a table of contents.

At the end of the document, I have three appendix chapters. I want to use the numbering A, B, C for the appendix chapters.

To do so, I restart the numbering of the appendix section from 1 and, then, change its style to A, B, etc. However, all my headers become 1 and, even worse, the appendix section header numbering style is still 1, 2,...

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    Are you using Microsoft Word and if so, which version? – S. Mitchell Jun 3 at 16:35
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    Did this work for you? How to number things from MS office support website: support.office.com/en-gb/article/… – NofP Jun 3 at 17:21
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    Welcome to Writing.SE Reza. Please check out our tour and help center. Your question is a bit confusing. You've tagged it microsoft-word so I assume it's a question about using that particular program, but you never state this in the title or the body of the question. I'm also assuming you want help getting your numbers/letters straight in the TOC, but you also don't state this directly. Is your question about generating the TOC correctly within Word? If so, please edit your title to make that clear. Thanks. – Cyn Jun 3 at 21:24
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    From the link @NofP provided: "Microsoft Word does not support multiple heading-numbering schemes in a single document or master document. When you work with documents that contain both chapter headings and appendix headings, the headings must not use the same heading style level." This is followed by the instructions to achieve what you're looking to do. – Josh Jun 14 at 21:05

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