Hello my story is about a kingdom that got conquered by an empire with an anti-wizardry anti-paganism regime, where wizards get burnt at the stake and pagans get forcibly converted to a religion similar to Christianity. Everyone thinks the crown prince of this kingdom died, but he ran away and one of the characters finds out. The main character is a swordfighter that can enchant his sword and is part of a mage guild situated in the capital of this now-conquered kingdom, he goes with his 5 other guildmates left to seek the crown prince and restore the kingdom's independence. Magic plays an important role in my book and the other main characters are mostly mages. It's set in a medieval world and the year is 1248. I think my story might be too similar to The Witcher, what do you think? How do I make it less similar? PS: My story is meant to reflect different cultures throughout the middle ages and to highlight the brutality, violence, ignorance etc. that occurred during the Medieval Era.

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