In my sci-fi novel, some people have the ability to talk via telepathy so how do we distinguish telepathy from other types of communication? I would like to do it, because it's not the same, and I want to stress it out.

Anyway, here's an excerpt I wrote just a few moments ago:

"It won't take too much time. He will be here any moment now." said Tim

"Don't worry the SWAT team is already on their way." Tim told Matthew telepathically.

"Really!? Thank God. I was getting nervous." said Matthew.

Not sure how other people do it, but I would be interested in how this can be done.

  • How would you write an inner thought?
    – NofP
    Mar 16 '19 at 12:52

It helps if you use something else instead of quotation marks for the telepathic dialogue. For example:

<Don't worry, the SWAT team is already on their way.>

Parentheses and italics can do the job as well.

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