Lets assume that you write articles which get published online (on your own website), but these cover a wide range of niches. Some very family friendly, some aimed at children, some horror based, and some erotic (maybe even beyond what you'd call NSFW).

What is the best way to advertise all of your work? I mean, you can't really set up a Twitter account and say "here's my latest article about a local boy and his dog", and then say, "Find out what Lisa did in her latest BDSM session".

Is there a platform / social network that can be used to showcase all of your work to multiple niches, without having to set up multiple profiles? For example, Pinterest allows one account with multiple boards, whereas Twitter would require multiple user accounts - Are there any similar to Pinterest with the ability to target different audiences?

Any advice?

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You might want to consider using a pseudonym for either the adult content ones or the children’s ones.

You are trying to establish a brand. People expect a certain consistency in an author’s works. You have two very different niches and it might be worthwhile to set up a separate site for one or the other.

Established authors who venture into a different genre will often select a pseudonym to avoid brand confusion and alienating their readership, who have come to expect them to write X.

  • Thanks. I've considered this approach, and it works to some extent, but my work is very random - I've used short stories as an example, but really this is more about article writing and photography projects - So while it's feasable to have a Horror and a Fetish pseudonym, there are countless possibilites considering I may write about nature, lifestyle, fashion and music, plus maybe local culture and sport. Where do you set a line for which pseudonym covers which niche/topic?
    – Wayne Six
    Feb 15, 2019 at 13:46

As someone who also writes on a variety of topics, I can tell you unequivocally --it's a nightmare for "brand identity." Readers want to be able to come to you with consistent expectations.

DEFINITELY get one pseudonym/platform for your adult work, AND a different one for your family-oriented work. Those are two entirely separate niches with no expected overlap in audiences, and either one is complete poison to the other.

For all your other work, it's okay to use the same name and platform, but don't expect to get much traction without specializing. Maybe you can establish a consistent lens through which you can present all the different things you're interested in. For instance, my current blog is called "Pop Culture Philosopher." It covers a wide variety of topics, but it sets a baseline expectation for articles at the intersection of philosophy and popular culture.

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